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AFFINITI Auto Brokerage | Selling and sourcing quality, luxury and exotic automobiles for local clientele, entertainers and celebrity athletes worldwide. We provide professional locating, buying, selling and consultation services -- Securing the lowest prices, handling the hassle, and eliminating the stress.

Based in Wilmington, Delaware, AFFINITI Auto Brokerage was founded as a trouble-free, secure and private way to purchase and sell vehicles nationwide. We charge a flat rate, opposed to the percentage based fees found with other brokers. This is how you know we are working to get our clients the absolute best deals. We have repeatedly saved thousands on single purchases and sold privately owned vehicles for THOUSANDS more than dealer trade-in offers.

THERE IS NO JOB TOO LARGE NOR TOO SMALL! Customer satisfaction is our main priority -- We wouldn't be here without you or our client referrals. Everyday we strive to provide superior service while building long term relationships with our clientele.

ServicesWhat we do


We scan the market to find the exact vehicle you want, while eliminating what you don't.

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Our team of experienced buyers eliminate the hassle of car buying while saving you money!

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Vehicle to sell or trade? We specialize in professional sales assistance with proven results.

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Need advice? We're here to help! Speak with our knowledgeable and friendly team today!

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